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Which countries do you ship to?

I will ship worldwide. I am based in the UK so will actively discourage you from ordering guitars made from woods that require CITES legislation. My shipping fees are based on UK Royal Mail delivery charges.

Any import duty will be at the customer's expense.

Do you accept returns?

Yes. I am proud of the quality of my products and any defects in the manufacturing process will be remedied or full refund at request.

I would rather you were happy throughout the building process so would always strive to keep you informed as to the progress of instrument throughout the building and finishing phases. I love to get to know my clients so like to provide an personalised picture diary thought he build (which can take several weeks).

What sort of guitars do you build?

Electric solid and semi-hollow guitars and Hybrids.

What would you like? The joy of making custom guitars is that you can essentially have what you desire, without the restrictions of shop-bought guitars.

For example, a wonderful friend of mine liked the look of a LP, but always played Stra*s. I made him a LP body with neck scale length from a St*at and similar hardware. 

If you want something completely original, I am more than happy to oblige.

What are Hybrid guitars?

Hybrids are acoustic bodies of roughly the same size as electrics with a combination of acoustic and electric pickups. They are designed to have the feel of an electric guitar to play but with added versatility of acoustic and electric tones when plugged in.

They are not going to have the unplugged volume or bass resonance of a large-bodied acoustic guitars, and to think so would be unrealistic. However, high quality, body and bridge mounted piezo pickups can make a small body acoustic guitar sound amazing. The bonus is that the small body allows the electric pickups to not be affected by too much feedback either, so these make for excellent gigging instruments, having a 2-in-1 versatility and still with great tones. 

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